Wo is Sean?


Name on your id card: Sean
Nickname: m.a.d
How many candles on your last birthday's cake?: 38
When? January 1965
Your trademark line: "what the f***"?
Fave color: black and green
Have you ever been in love? Yes
Have you ever cried for love? Yes
Coke or pepsi? coke
Sprite or seven up? neither of them
Lemonsoda or oransoda? oransoda
Favourite food: plumcakes
Favourite salad: greek salad
Height: 1. 86
Shoe size: 45
Glasses: no
Piercing: no
Tatoos: yes
Reccomend three books: Hemingway's Fiesta, Agatha Christie's 10 little niggers, Shakespeare's Tempest
Favourite actors: Robin Williams, Patrick Stewart, Alan Rickman
Favourite actresses: Vanessa Redgrave, Emma Thompson, Angelina Jolie
Favourite movie: Good Morning Vietnam, To die for.
Song you're listening more often: Evanescence's Bring me to life
Favourite songs: everything the Beatles sang.
Favourite singers: Beatles, Sarah Brightam, Skin
Favourite restaurant: greek
Have you ever been in a car accident: yes
an object that is always with you: my camera, my wedding ring
What do you do when you're down? I jog
pets? two cats: nickle galahad
Stuffed animals? none
Do you like your job? I love it
You can't live without: my wife
Favourite flower: orchids, sunflowers
Favourite ice-cream: strawsberrry and lemon
Have you ever been arrested: no
Favourite line ever: curiosity killed the cat : p
Favourite tv shows: Angel, Red Dwarf, Law & Order, the west wing
What place you'd like to visit? New Zeland