Hey there! Hi!
What are you doing here?
Have you lost surfing the net?
Or did someone gave you our url?
No, no, no wait!
Don't go away!
Don't these wonderful eyes want to make you stay?
No, not mine!
Noooo...she's Ashley Judd, one of the most talented and beautiful actresses we've seen, so we decided to dedicate our portal's layout to her.
Don't you think she's beautiful?
There are not many resemblances between us...
well, maybe there's one, we are both very feline!
I'm MarySue, Marysue the cat, nice to meet you!
A fool cat, as you've probably noticed, a fool cat that has decided it was about time she had her own dominion, to show her ...ahem madness to the world:)
She's a very strange cate indeed, she has a double personality, since she goes by two different names in every day life...!
Two names, many passions, which you can "admire" on those pages or among those of our more rational sister "Fioredargento"
And what about you?
Do you have passions?
Do you like writing, making fan-arts, music video, Brushes or some other genial madness?
Well, I always like to talk...er... meew with people whoe really knows the meaning for "passion". I adore fans...but can't stand fanatics...
We hope you don't fear heigth since our living room is on a nice red roof:)
Well...that's if you haven't decided we're totally out of it...:)
But if you like what you see on this site, why don't you sign our guestbook? Please?